Heirloom Garden Seeds: Open-Pollinated, Untreated and Non-GMO
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Winter Squash, Zeppelin  Delicata     #3326  CO1

Winter Squash, Zeppelin Delicata #3326 CO1


(100 days) Cucurbita pepo Open-pollinated. Zeppelin is good Delicata, from an old strain that was not affected when the trade allowed this beloved 1894 heirloom to be crossed by desert gourds. The lovely ivory-colored oblong 1 lb fruits with dark green stripes have the unsurpassed sweetness that gives Delicata its good reputation. In storage the green stripes turn orange and the cream background sometimes yellows.

20+ seeds/pkt

Easy to grow. Seeds may be started indoors 3-4 weeks before the last frost or direct-sown when temperatures and the soil have warmed. Sow seed 1-2" deep and thin to 3-4' apart. Companions: corn, beans. Nasturtiums and marigolds deter squash bugs and other pests and oregano helps overall growth.


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