Tomato, Stupice #8011

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(50 -70 days) This variety does extremely well here on the farm. Superb and popular potato-leafed Czechoslovakian heirloom, pronounced “stu-PEACH-ka”. Produces heavy yields of 2-3” plum-shaped, red-orange fruits borne in clusters, producing very early and continuing to give large crops all summer. Stupice is a very reliable, cold tolerant, disease-resistant determinate plant for northern climates, compactly growing to about 4 feet tall. Produces fruits all season that are juicy and tangy with a wonderful, sweet flavor for fresh eating and salads, and they also dry well. A perfect choice if you only have space for a single plant. Very early, 50-70 days to maturity, small-medium size.


40 seeds/pkt

Seeds need to be started indoors 6-7 weeks before last frost. Sow 1/4" deep in a light soil mix; harden off & plant out 24 - 48" apart, in not too rich a soil, after all danger of frost is over. Tomatoes benefit from staking.