Heirloom Garden Seeds: Open-Pollinated, Untreated and Non-GMO
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Leek, Giant Musselburgh  #2052   CO2

Leek, Giant Musselburgh #2052 CO2


Scottish variety introduced in the early 1800s. Enormous leeks that are 9-15" long by 2-3" in diameter. Tender white stalks, dark blue-green fan-shaped leaves. Mild flavor, stands winter well. Good buncher for market gardens. 80-150 days from transplant

100+ seeds/pkg

Leeks require a long growing season, so must be started indoors at least 6 weeks before the last frost. Sow seed 1/8-1/4" deep in soil-less mix in flats. When seedlings are at least 1/4"diameter, harden off and plant out approx. 6" apart in fertile, moist soil in sun.

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