Heirloom Garden Seeds: Open-Pollinated, Untreated and Non-GMO
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Carrots, Variety Mix  #6003  CO1 & CO2

Carrots, Variety Mix #6003 CO1 & CO2


A selection of organic and heirloom carrots in a range of shapes, sizes, and colours. Includes Danver’s, Dragon, Chantenay Red, Berlicummer, Scarlet Nantes, and Nantes. People love carrots – this mix is our top-selling seed.

400+ seeds/pkt

Easy to grow. Surface sow seed on well-drained and well-worked garden soil in spring and tamp down firmly. Light soil like sandy soil and peat-types are best. Thinning the seedlings to 2 - 3" apart is the key to a good carrot crop. Tedious work but worth it!

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