Heirloom Garden Seeds: Open-Pollinated, Untreated and Non-GMO
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Tomato, Black Krim  #8002  CO2

Tomato, Black Krim #8002 CO2


Tomato OG (80 days) Open-pollinated. Don’t wait too long to harvest this

delicate heirloom tomato. At half green and still firm they are already dead ripe and perfectly delicious. If you wait till they are fully purple, you will not be able to get them from garden to table intact and they will disintegrate. Krims are strikingly iridescent purple on the outside, usually with dark green-black shoulders. Interiors are part black, too, with an unusual juicy yet meaty taste & texture. Fruits average 12–18 oz. Krim hails from the Black Sea area in Russia.

40+ seeds per packet

Plant the seeds one-quarter inch deep in a moist seed-starting mix. Cover the seed-starting tray with plastic wrap and place in a brightly-lit warm location. Remove wrap when the first leaves appear from the soil, in 7 to 10 days. Transplant outdoors when the seedlings have four to six leaves and all chance of frost has passed.

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