Beet Variety Mix #1034

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A collection of multi-coloured beet varieties. Detroit Dark Red is a standard heirloom with medium dark roots and sweet flavour. Bull’s Blood produces beautiful dark red leaves all summer. Chiogga Guardsmark produces beautifully-contrasting rings of white and pink-red flesh. Cylindra is another old heirloom with long, sweet, dark red roots that are excellent for winter storage. Two final heirlooms, Albino and  Gold, produce white and yellow beets, rounding out the colour selection.

100+ seeds/pkt

Through the years, the roots were developed into what we see today and many people are unaware that their leaves are still quite tasty greens. Easy to grow. Direct sow seed in the garden in late spring/early summer 1/2" deep. A second crop can be seeded in late summer. Thin to 4" apart.