Pumpkins Squash Zucchini Eggplant

PUMPKINS: Easy to grow. Seeds may be started indoors 3 - 4 weeks before the last frost or direct - sown when temperatures and the soil have warmed. Sow seed 1 - 2" deep and thin to 3 - 4' apart. Companions: corn, beans. Nasturtiums and marigolds deter squash bugs and other pests and oregano helps overall growth.

WINTER SQUASH: May be direct - seeded or: transplanted. Direct seeding: Sow 4 – 5 seeds per hill when weather has warmed after danger of frost. Allow 4 – 6 feet between hills. Thin to 3 best plants. Use row covers and low tunnels to hasten maturity and reduce insect damage. Transplanting: Start indoors three weeks before setting out. Do not disturb the roots. Transplant bush varieties 18" apart, vining varieties 30" apart. Tender, not frost hardy. Heavy nitrogen feeders. Excessive heat and/or drought can prevent blossom set, reduce yields. Winter squash can take one or two light frosts on the vine. To improve flavor and storage, field cure for at least 10 days after harvest, covering if hard frost threatens. Store under proper conditions, at least 50° and 60 – 70% relative humidity in a place with good air circulation. Do not pile up squash.