How to grow Arugula

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How to grow Arugula

Arugula grows fast. Set plants in the sunny garden in early spring for spring harvest or late summer for fall harvest. Plants prefer the cooler days of spring or fall. Like any leafy green, arugula requires a rich soil to make its best growth. Before planting, add compost to the soil.

Space transplants 12 to 18 inches apart.

When flowering begins in late spring or early summer, the flavor becomes more intense. At some point it may be stronger than you like, which means it’s time to take it out and wait for the next cool season to plant (early spring or fall).

Pick only the outer leaves, so the plant remains intact and usable for weeks to come. This cut-and-come again harvest keeps the plant yielding lots of leaves until the plants flower. Harvest often to encourage new growth.

Harvest the outer leaves while the plant is still growing in a tight rosette close to the ground. Blend them with mild-flavored lettuces. Once arugula begins to bloom, the flavor can grow stronger.

Young arugula tastes milder, and larger, more mature arugula tastes stronger. There are two ways to approach your problem. First, you can plant arugula every couple of weeks to ensure a continuous supply of mild but flavorful young leaves. On the other hand, you can harvest more leaves, so the plant needs to continually replace the old with new. Either way, you will need to replant periodically. Remember, arugula is like lettuce. It flowers in hot weather, so unless you live where the summer is cool, you will only have homegrown arugula in spring and fall.